Quiana Major

Lazy Lucky Musician and Vocalist I grew up in a town in Miami Florida called gloudls . From a young age I always loved how music made other people feel and me feel things physically and emotionally. My mother loves to tell the story about when she asked me as a child what i wanted to be and how I picked up my plastic blue guitar and started windmilling a solo on my knees and said I wanted to be a rock star. In florida i grew up listening to just about everything that came to the port of miami listening on the streets i could find rap,reggaeton,jpop,hip hop,reggae, cumbia pop, gogo,music and at home my family exposed me to soul,funk,r&b,disco,jazz, classical,folk and i found my way to ,alt rock,pop rock,edm,electronic music production,film scoring,metal . My music captures emotions of youthful mistakes,Purpose, companionship validation, and escape .Like a cross between brian eno and eryka badu.

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